Goodbye to out-of-pocket expenses

Lisa Edwards


Technology should support people.

We believe that Tech is an enabler of continuous improvement. It eliminates the need for people to carry out low-value repetitive and administrative tasks. For this reason, Midollo have always been on the lookout for new technology and automation tools. Our newest edition just happens to be our favourite!

A bit about out of pocket expenses …

For those who have ever had to deal with out-of-pocket work expenses, I’ve no doubt that you’ve felt frustrated by it.

Not only is it annoying to hand over hard-earned cash to cover work-related expenses, then you have to take a considerable amount of time to collate the information for the claim, wait, often weeks before you see your hard-earned cash come back to you. In a rapidly changing world, which is becoming more and more expensive to live in, this could be more than a mere frustration for people, it could be a very real problem.

We love to share our team wellbeing initiatives, but this doesn’t stop at mental wellbeing, although that is very much central to our overall culture. We also make sure that our teams own financial wellbeing is considered. We love our work, but ultimately, we all need to put food on the table.

This is where we started looking for a solution to combat the problems of out-of-pocket work expenses, we needed to find a way to eliminate it. Then we discovered Pleo!

Outlay axed.

Pleo works almost like a debit account. Each team member receives their own card, the account is topped up by Chris to cover the cost – simple.

Time regained.

Pleo has taken expenses from being a ‘time aside’ type of task, to an ‘on the go’ type of task, which is because it’s all on the app which we all have on our phones. All it needs is a receipt and a box tick to what the expense relates to. The app can even retrieve receipts directly from your inbox – you can’t get any more automated than that. 

Peace of mind restored.

Pleo has eliminated any stress or anxiety about being able to afford the personal outlay, especially as the month draws to an end. It has also removed the necessity of having to find time in an already busy schedule to fill out expense forms, dig out receipts and all in between.  

With Pleo there is no stress, we don’t use our own funds, the app does most of the work, it even allows for self-reimbursement of approved expenses. It really has been a game changer!


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