We specialise in:

Project management, Cost consultancy, Procurement advice, Project due diligence, and Project monitoring.

We apply these services across a range of projects, with a core focus on healthcare, residential and student accommodation.

  • Project Management

    A collaborative approach to project management

    Working with you, we'll get to the root of any issues, bridging communication and knowledge gaps and bringing everything together.

    In fact, we'll take things further, helping to get you to get ahead of any potential obstacles to progress – this way, you can rest assured that your project is on track and on schedule.

    It’s important to us that our work leaves a positive legacy, confirming your confidence in our ability to deliver the outcomes you expect.

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  • Cost Consultancy

    Control your costs and you control your project.

    Our cost management is about navigating through the complexities of pricing and using accurate, realistic assessments to support your vision.

    Costs are part of the wider picture of your project, therefore we always look at them in context. We can help you manage your costs but also improve your entire business case, without you having to go back to your planners for adjustments to your scheme.

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  • Procurement Advice

    The contract is the key to your project’s success

    Our procurement advice supports your tendering process and the type of building contracts you take on.

    Construction can involve different types of contracts, including Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) and New Engineering Contracts (NEC). We make sure you understand the implications of both for your project.

    Your needs always come first, and we don’t dictate outcomes. What we do is explain the rules of engagement and the relative risks of different procurement routes.

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  • Project Due Diligence

    Not just the small print

    Our due diligence for projects includes a detailed report that looks at the big picture but also examines the project in forensic detail.

    We’ll highlight any red flags you need to watch out for.

    What you get is the equivalent of an insurance policy for your involvement in a project, and a thorough check of contract requirements before you sign on the dotted line.

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  • Project Monitoring

    Comprehensive and watertight project monitoring

    If you’re an investor in a project, who’s going to act as your eyes and ears, making sure your funds are spent wisely and efficiently?

    We provide you with clear and detailed information about your contractors and project teams, monitoring financials and supply chain operations.

    Project monitoring is an end-to-end support service, offering multiple perspectives, diligent reporting and expert analysis.

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Are you ready for your next project?

If there’s a site you want to acquire, we can advise you. Our due diligence service for projects will flag up any potential issues and help you make an informed decision.

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