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A Fresh Approach

Chris Marrow


Midollo is a specialist project management consultancy for the built environment and in 2021 we decided we wanted to rebrand ourselves. This rebrand reinforces Midollo’s strategic objectives with a clear expression of identity and purpose.

August 2021

What happens when you know you’re different but you need to find the right way to express this? This was the question we were asking ourselves when we decided to commission branding agency Partisan to create our new brand identity. We wanted the new brand to demonstrate what we do and, importantly, how we do it.

What Does Midollo Do?

We provide overarching project management but also specialise in cost consultation, procurement advice, due diligence and project monitoring. Obviously, we’re not the only company that offers these services but we know we deliver them in a unique way.

The Midollo way puts people first to drive change using advanced technological tools.

It’s built on an understanding that the cornerstone of successful project management is having a clear and positive relationship and rapport with clients. It's about championing innovative solutions and even radical ideas but retaining a realistic approach, while being prepared to challenge assumptions.

How Do We Do It?

People make projects work. We thrive on building strong relationships. We listen and learn. The starting point for us is understanding our clients’ needs and the key things that drive them. This enables us to not only act but also think on their behalf. Understanding our clients inside out builds trust and deepens our relationships with them.

Experience counts. With a broad range of experience, our team can apply this to address issues and solve problems proactively, before the client is even aware of them.

Technology provides valuable tools for driving change, but we don’t rely on technology, we learn from it. Where we can, we apply automation to minimise repetitive, low-level tasks, leaving the team free to focus on key decisions and actions.

The most effective team is a happy team. Wellbeing isn’t something we just pay lip-service to. It’s a fundamental principle for how we work.

Why Tell Our Brand Story?

It’s a story worth telling…

We had a vision and ideas. With the help and support of Partisan we created a brand story we know has value, for our clients but also ourselves. We’ve got a better way of doing things and our brand reflects this.

The team is central to the brand’s success…

For us, attitude and personality count as strongly as experience and qualifications. When we inspire our team and empower them to make decisions, we’re reinforcing our brand values. We don’t dwell on mistakes, but we do accept them and learn from them.

Sharing value matters…

We’ve got huge confidence in Midollo because of the value we can bring to our clients. We understand what drives them and how to meet, and exceed, their expectations. We can provide a level of service they might not have known they needed.

Learning, Development, Improvement and Legacy

The new Midollo brand highlights the importance of not resting on your laurels but striving to learn, develop and improve.

The idea is that Midollo will grow alongside its clients, providing them with the levels of support they need in their projects.

Rebranding has enabled us to express why our approach to project management is different. It emphasises that the true measure of a project's success is the legacy it creates, for clients and stakeholders, but most importantly for end-users.

If you’re interested in learning more about Midollo, please give us a call.

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