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Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions

The Brief

HRI Capital Programme of works runs alongside wider reconfiguration strategy across Huddersfield and Calderdale hospitals. Our team has been involved with numerous schemes including COVID Isolation Ward, ward refurbishment schemes, site wide LED lighting replacement scheme, and most recently design for the provision of new ED and enabling phase for the demolition of Nurses Residence and Learning Centre. Midollo are working in partnership with Lendlease providing Trust Cost advisor role on all schemes which are procured via Procure 22 Framework.

The Challenge

Live hospital environment during pandemic presented many challenges in delivery, programme management and budgetary constraints. Trust received additional budget awarded late in the year and one of the key proposals was a delivery of COVID ward which required rapid engagement with the contractor to ensure readiness prior to winter bed pressures. Responding to budget constraints at a short notice coincided with delays in delivery of some site wide projects such as LED Lighting replacement due to difficulty in accessing clinical areas.

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The Outcome

Through close collaboration with the contractor, design team, Estates and wider stakeholders and an extraordinary effort on everyones part, the isolation Ward was delivered in under 12 weeks within accelerated programme with 24/7 working hours. Works were delivered within originally agreed Guaranteed Maximum Price plus Compensation Events. On the LED Lighting Replacement scheme detailed schedule was developed and regularly reviewed to allow the contractor to plan the works efficiently around clinical constraints. Final assessment was being forecasted each month on on-going basis to allow the Trust to transfer the unspent budget and ensure the overall budget remains on target. Members of our team acting as Trust Cost Advisor kept close control on spend in line with progress and the final account with the main contractor was settled part way through the scheme with the remaining works being undertaken under Trusts direct appointment of the installer.


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